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Quite a number of years ago we had to fight (and won) to save the Argylls. My father's regiment during the First World War.
Now I have an association with The Royal Scots through being a members of The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh.
Accordingly I am in agreement with any moves to fight the disbandment of any Scottish Regiment.

Kind regards,
William Stewart.

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I am disgusted at the treatment of the Scottish Regiments by Westminster. What have they done to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. They have all served in Iraq with distinction, with the Black Watch going back for a 2nd tour within 10 months. The Regiments have served Scotland with pride during all conflicts over more than 300 years.

Lets fight hard to keep the history and traditions of the Regiments.

This is what makes them unique and special to Scotland. I am proud of the soldiers I know to serve in the Scottish Regiments.

Fly the Saltire High.

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George Geddes -  22years in the Queens Own Highlanders Seaforth and Cameron's, This is a disgrace to all who stand proud in the Scottish Regiments.
How many times do we have to lay back and let the Government rip the Heart out off our proud Scottish soldiers do they forget what it takes to be a soldier, oh I take that back they were never in the Forces.
I am at present serving in Iraq but under a different flag but every day I see young soldiers serving there country both English and Scottish, you so called politicians who think they know what they are doing go out there in the heart off the troubles and see how proud the lads are and what do they get for it nothing but bullshit and taking there cap badge and ripping the heart out off them when they should be receiving nothing but the best off everything and encouraged for the fine job that they are doing all over the world.
Politicians or who ever is behind this disaster drop your head in shame, [lads stand proud against these people]

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I am a Scottish soldier and cannot believe the cuts that have been announced by the Government for all three services, let alone the loss of our infantry and their individual identities.
We knew something was on the cards for a while, but we never expected the cuts to be so severe, especially since it is just to make up the money spent on Op. Telic, the most disgraceful reason to cut back one of the best, if not, the best Army, Airforce and Navy in the world. Especially at a time when we are so overstretched and overcommitted. They are cutting back soldiers at a time when we need to reduce commitments, not soldiers.
The creation of a Scottish regiment, or Highland and Lowland regiment would cause many Scottish soldiers to sign off in disgust, especially the likes of The Royal Scots, the Army's oldest regiment and the Black Watch, arguably Scotland's most famous regiment. You lose these regiments, you lose two of the British Army's most respected and best regiments forever. Once lost, you can't get them back, you commit them to history. Don't forget the English regiments either, who will lose three battalions. We need every unit today for the our present commitments.
I only hope that this fashion of cutting back the Armed Forces is reversed soon, as it is slowly destroying the Army. Ever since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, we have seen the British Army changed beyond recognition. We have become an easy target for the Government to save money, yet are called upon whenever there is a fire or fuel strike, or any disaster such as flooding. We are then thanked with more cutbacks and loss of regiments and history. Especially the Scottish units, who take an unequal share of the cuts.
One day, I hope, there will be a Government that understands the needs of The Armed Forces. One that will listen to what we think, not MPs that have never served. Until then, we can do little more than watch them destroy the Scottish regiments one by one, as well as the rest of the Army, Navy and RAF.
Yours sincerely, a serving Scottish soldier

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It would be irresponsible to further weaken the Royal Army by cutting the muscle and sinew from the line infantry. Morover, it is an insult to the traditions of the fine regiments whose history and fighting abilities are respected over the world. What will a fully independent Scotland (which must one day take its place among the nations of the world) have to defend itself with if all the existing Scottish military units are weakened or disbanded by that time? Are you going to have to hire Gurkhas?

A Scottish cultural enthusiast and bagpiper in Austin, Texas

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Myself, my family and friends wish to register our disgust with this decision by Blair, Hoone and others Ė YOU MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. These regiments are the pride of the British Army and more so the pride of Scotland. They are Scotlandís past, glory and Scotlandís future. As an Englishman I am extremely proud of the fact that they are part of the British Army. I intend to take this up with my local Member of Parliament and further register my disgust.

Harry Van Kempen

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My son is in Basra for the second time thy cant do without the Black Watch the go back in to do the job when others cant and this is the thanks they get my son was slightly wounded in Iraq in march

I'd like to see Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair do there job or how they would feel if it were there sons and daughters. Then to come home after doing the job they sent them out to do not to have a crack regiment to be called the Black Watch they are proud Scotsmen and woman and they joined the Watch not any other regiment it should stay the way it is I am proud to say my son is in the Watch even though they are getting a raw deal by the government the work for.

Very angry Scottish mum
Lochgelly, Fife

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As a former commanding officer I can assure you that the Army's "thinly veiled threats" of disciplinary action for any servicemen/women who speak out publicly against the cuts are actually illegal. 

Under the European Convention of Human Rights every service person has the right of freedom of speech as a UK citizen - permission from the chain of command is not required.  Care must be taken, of course, not to breach the Official Secrets Act or compromise national security, but that apart you can say what you like. 

So don't be put off by the faint hearts - contact your local newspaper and let them know how you feel!
Retired Lieutenant Colonel

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Although English, My Grandfather served in Black Watch, Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily and D-Day, are we to let a government disband these regiments to save money.

These politicians havenít the right to even lick the mud off of the boots of those who are serving or have served in these Regiments, let alone died.

£200 million+ of the defence budget has been spent on civvies, to tell Hoon the Buffoon what should be cut.
I am absolutely disgusted and shaken with rage at the moment about this, as an ex-serviceman myself, I know how I would feel if it were my Regiment.

Still, to be honest, I canít wait until they try, these morons obviously forget what happens when our Scots cousins get wound up.

Best of luck to you all.

Wayne R Pendle High Wycombe, Bucks

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My son was in the Black Watch. A regiment we are very proud of, he has mates still in the regiment at present in Basra.  It is terrible that the government are even thinking of doing away with such a famous regiment.

The Queen Mother would be appalled.

We must fight this.

Linda Wilkie

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Just a message from a Scouser and a British citizen in support.
I am sickened by what Buffhoon is planning to do, it is a betrayal to you all and many others who have fought and given their all for centuries for our Freedom and Democracy.
God bless you all and long may you reign.

Anna Calder

PS I am English????? but, my Dad was a Scot and he was simply the BEST.

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Like very many people in Scotland, we are both members of families who have had relatives serving in Scottish regiments from the Boer War, if not earlier, to the Second World War.We feel strongly that not only our country but the whole world would suffer if these regiments were to lose their individual identities and hence the traditional strong support for the local regiment -and in our case this is the Black Watch.

Duncan & Ann MacGregor


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Why do we continually have this argument, about the treatment of Scottish soldiers?
Is it because for so long, the English could not control them, when they wanted to take Scotland for them selves?
Is it because they make the best Soldiers?
Is it because the majority English government , couldn't care less what happens to the Scots?
This is not the ranting's of some Scottish nationalist,  I was born and grew up in Liverpool.  Like so many before me, from a strong Liverpool regiment, already condemned to the history book's, by the military cuts, THE LIVERPOOL SCOTTISH.  I went forward and joined the 1st Battalion THE QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDERS, our mother regiment, and another throwaway regiment, under the military cuts. 
I now work in the security industry, as a protection officer,  my role recently, for the U.S. DoD, in Iraq, to look after their most senior military officers!!  and I was not the only 'JOCK' in the team!!
If the Americans can work out, who the best people are, to look after their people, then why does it appear to be so difficult for the 'British' government?
Also, one of the most basic, but brutal forms of warfare, took place in Iraq recently.   A greatly out numbered unit, had to, not by choice, but because the fight was brought to them, fix bayonets and advance.  They continued in hand to hand combat, with a heavily armed enemy.  The Americans facing such attacks, would use air, ground and every other resource available, before they would think of doing such a thing.  yet the ARGYLE AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS took it in their stride and got on with the job.
Although not born in Scotland, I am proud to call my self a 'JOCK' and feel that I have earned this right.  However, we have many English regiments, who have never earned the right to exist, as any thing, other than decorations, for the tourists, and others to look at.  Get rid of the excess waste, before cutting away at the real thing.
We all know that there are non combatant regiments, who should go first.  The Scots have, and undoubtedly will again, prove their worth on the battlefield.
John G. Butler........Irish blood, SCOTTISH hart, and proud of it. 

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i belong to Aberfeldy.. the birthplace of the black watch and would be heartbroken to see it disbanded along with the other regiments.
I am quite sure that the government could find other ways to save money. we need our armies to safeguard all our futures.

My message for the government is hands off our regiments!!!!

Fran fairley, Aberfeldy

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For Scotland with a population of approximately 5.5million to lose 1 regiment while England with 10 times the population is only to lose 3 regiments is quite disproportionate. It must be noted too that the doomed English regiments are mooted to be from the North....an area of unemployment and poverty similar to Scotland. Surely this must be the final nail in Tony Teflon Blair's coffin? This man has overstayed his welcome by 10 years! He and his cronies MUST be thrown out at the next election and we must all work together to achieve this aim. My only fear is the Nationalists. Certainly the SNP would safeguard the Scottish regiments, but it is their effect on the economy and the threat of the break up of the Union that I fear.

I can't do a lot to help as I am retired and disabled, but as a Dundonian, I will do what I can to save the Black Watch.

Yours truly, Dr. Jennifer Barnes.

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I am deeply disappointed at the recent discussions which may lead to the demise of The Black Watch. My Grandfather was for many years a tailor for the Black Watch. During the 1st World War, the 4th battalion recruited soldiers for its ranks from Dundee. They were proud men who sacrificed their lives for our futures. The Battles of Neuve Chapelle, Aubers Ridge, and the disastrous Battle of Loos affected many Dundee families by the tremendous loss of lives. It's now time for us to fight to save the Black Watch. Any sacrifices we make during our lives will be nothing compared to those who have lost their lives defending their country. I would urge all people accessing this site to please support this worthy cause.
From a Proud Dundonian.

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This Government is making the same mistakes as that taken in the 30's when the role of the armed services was cut.Do we not learn from history These proposals are being put forward in at a time when our armed forces are under great pressure to maintain our commitments as a nation. The long history of the Scottish Regiments is something to be proud of and not just seen as a method of saving money to be diverted to other expenditure in the defence budget.
I am prepared to take part in any protest which may be arranged and to write letters etc.
Bailie Bruce D Mackie. OBE.JP.DL.

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Send the boys to Iraq to sort out the mess there, then bring them home to praise from everyone, send them out again less than a year later and then tell them they are going to be lose their beloved regiments or be made redundant - Hoon - do you have any idea what you are tinkering with here?  The people of Scotland will never forgive this Government for what they are trying to do.  Let's not forget Gordon Brown either - after all he is at the heart of this - he has willingly made sure that cuts to the defence budget would have to be made.  I hope the people of Dunfermline make him answer for his actions!
Alison Heart, An EX-Labour Voter - Fife.

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These cutbacks are an insult to those who risk, or who are prepared to risk, life and limb in the defence of their country. These cutbacks are made by the likes of Defence Secretary Geoff "Buff" Hoon, a man who was hauled before a public enquiry last year and who showed his contempt for service personnel by falling asleep during a briefing on the daily attacks faced by soldiers. Serviing soldiers, sailors and airmen can say nothing to oppose these cuts on the pain of punishment or perhaps even sacking. Labour voters with service connections or sympathies should search their consciences, if their constituency MPs or candidates are either complicit in these cuts - like Adam Ingram - or are unwilling to oppose them.

An angry serviceman

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Geoff BuffHoon does it again!
The most ineffective, useless Secretary of State for Defence (or lack thereof if he gets his way) wants to sweep away some of the most famous regiments in the world. His arguments about poor recruitment numbers do not hold firm when one considers the block that has been imposed upon recruiting recently.
To add insult to injury the Black Watch had only been back in the UK for enough time to say hello to their loved ones before they were deployed again with the same useless kit they had first time around.

What about disbanding some of the Home Counties regiments who simply do not have the history and experience that the Scottish regiments have. Oh I forgot.. that would cost too many votes (remember Rosyth being made the sacrificial lamb to save Devonport?).
What we need at the moment is MEN ON THE GROUND.

Simple as that.

Anthony Matheson

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You have my full support with this campaign.

The Scottish regiments have stood there ground in the past for Great Britain. Its now time we all stood our ground for them. 

Mike Aincough  Lancashire.
NOTE.    My Father died at the Battle at Gerbini 21/7/43.

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This cannot happen to any of our Scottish regiments, I was absolutely gutted when I heard it on Radio NZ national news. Having served in the Black Watch and 2 brothers also served in our regiments one in the Royal Scots and the other in the Greys {Royal Scots Dragoon Guards] we fully support you guys  from a distance.

Dave McKinlay [NZ] 


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"Nemo Me Impune Lacessit"

Her Britanic Majesty's First or Royal Regiment of Foot,

The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment).

  The First of Foot ,  Right of the Line,

  Pride of the British Army.    Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard.


Doesn't all this mean something? Is it all going to be swept under the carpet? If so, it will be the greatest defeat the Regiment, and the British Army,has ever suffered. No enemy has inflicted such a devestating blow, as our own Government, supported by General Jackson, is about to.  

"Once a Royal, always a Royal" 


D Simson Major(Retd) RS 

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I find is extremely disappointing to hear so many politicians and senior soldiers effectively missing the point with regards to manning-levels in Scottish infantry battalions and other units. How is it possible that this (previously) respected officer can get it so wrong in terms of recruitment and, just as importantly, retention? Jackson's rather immature  jibe at 'precious' Scottish units perhaps goes further in describing the general lack of understanding amongst his Whitehall peers than he might have thought - young jocks are not being attracted to a career in the Army because of the conditions senior MOD personnel and politicians have already created. Locked into a cycle, and a vicious cycle at that, the Scottish units have seen morale drop as operational turn-around time decreased along with R&R. New recruits join a despondent and over-stretched unit and who can blame them for not encouraging friends or family to follow them in? Jackson could expect to see more young jocks join if, instead of backing this madness and the erasing of hundreds of years of tradition, he fought for increased pay and MORE soldiers, in order that those who have already given so much might be allowed to recuperate at home with their loved ones without knowing that within weeks they will be re-training for another deployment. Rather than investing in new technology MOD money should be ploughed into military salaries, reviewing them and making them competitive, attractive and duly reflecting the nature of the job. What aspect of the future do these people think will cause the recruitment situ to improve? Poor recruiting figures will not improve because fewer overall numbers are required - who's to say that anyone at all will want to join ANY of the services once the heart and soul has been ripped from them?


Only men and women - trained, determined and professional, the bedrock of the highland units - can be the future of the UK's armed forces. Put a rifle in a man's hand, show him how to use it, train him to be physically robust and self-disciplined and he'll take on any man, anywhere. Put the same man behind the Pipes & Drums of The Black Watch, add 3 companies of jocks and he'll take on the World.

Mac, Ex-soldier

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I have seen my regiment the Gordon Highlanders Go to the wall with  Amalgamation It is just not a proud history that makes a Regiment itís the sheer fact that one becomes a family with that regiment  keeping traditions alive serving the memory of these brave lads who went before us.  One only had to look at the anniversary of D Day  in june  to see exactly what is meant by a regimental family and how as a family unit, the whole thing comes together to form a fighting unit you know the man next to you like you know your own brother as an example the north east of Scotland type of men have a certain way of thinking they have a particular sense of humour which in the 12 years I served I grew to cherish. It is still apparent today particularly when we have our annual reunions  Nobody but nobody who has ever served in a regiment ever forgets the comradeship, the bond, the family that stays with them, and I believe keeps us in good stead  in civvy street ,,,  when this family units start to get broken up into amalgamations  the family unit is also broken and one feels like an orphan , There has always been since regiments Merg,e bad feeling,  though its never intentional on the individuals behalf  but that then always leads to dissatisfaction and contempt for the whole way of life for the British Army . If this fragmentation continues as it has been, then we as a nation will suffer badly as we have always been known throughout as the best fighting unit  the world has ever seen . It has to be recognised also that the modern Army is changing with more sophisticated weaponary which in turn requires a more sophisticated soldier to operate  but with any conflict past and present  it always requires the good, honest, basic well trained man on the ground  The Black watch have proved that time and time again in Iraq ..   I feel very passionate in keeping our Scottish regiments Scottish.  keep up the good work  and in the words of my famous regiment (Bydand )  stand fast ..


Bob Dailly
SantFe, USA

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Politicians can never be trusted to get it right.  The trouble is once they get it wrong they are never going to revisit and correct mistakes.  If cuts must be made (and I doubt that they do) then there are plenty of English Fish and Chip type regiments that should go instead!  Why no mention of the Guards?  Simple answer is that they cannot be seen reducing the number of male models outside the London Palace's!


Fred Clarke (Ex 1A and SH)

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I am Cath Campbell and live in Tasmania, Australia. I am saddened to hear of the defence cuts proposed by Westminster. I am also doing my Honours thesis at University with a focus on Scotland's identity, which the Regiments are part of. 

I know soldiers in the Regiments, who I met while participating in the 2002 Edinburgh Tattoo. I know I am very proud of the work they do but more importantly, I know how much it means to them to serve Scotland with pride and honour.

Cath Campbell
Hobart, Tasmania,

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As an ex-Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, I find it a disgrace that the politicians of today can make these decisions without any of them having served their country during conflict and peace.

How dare they attempt to destroy our famous regiments.  When they next stand at the Cenotaph, with their fake sorrow-laden faces, I hope they remember the thousands of men who gave their lives so that this shower of cold-hearted, spin merchants, could sit in their ivory towers and rip the heart out of the most famous regiments in the world. 

Dave Clark,

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I think any of us with commercial experience recognise the McKinsey techniques at work here - set an unattainable target and then punish the participants for failing to meet it.  The argument should be switched from the less easily answered issue of low recruitment to addressing retention of trained soldiers, the right side of the "chicken and egg" dilemma.

It is a deeply disturbing aspect of our times that our "leaders" believe they can dispose of valuable institutions developed over many generations.

We received our Scottish Regiments in trust from those who went before us, and we have a duty to hand the Regiments on, improved if we have the will, unchanged if we cannot, but to allow the Regimental Traditions  to slip away unchallenged would be a betrayal of that implicit trust.

Yours aye
Iain Laird