Chief of the General Staff  GENERAL MIKE JACKSON barely contains his disdain for Scottish Regiments

In an interview for The Daily Telegraph today, General Mike Smith explains his willing acceptance of the cuts across the UK armed forces, in particular he focuses special attention to the Scottish Regiments and calls them 'precious', adding : "It is utterly clear that Scotland cannot sustain recruiting for six battalions - and remember, a lot of Scottish regiments have Fijians, to make up the numbers. There has been a wall of noise coming out of Scotland about these reductions, but let me say this: if these regiments are so precious, why are not more young Scotsman joining up?"

Save the Scottish Regiments response:

I am sure Gen Mike Jackson is aware that there has been a freeze on recruiting in Scotland for some months and it will remain in place until at least this October, coupled with the recent announcement of cuts to Scottish Battalions how does Gen Jackson expect recruitment to increase?  

If Gen Mike Jackson thinks he has heard a “wall of noise” , as he so quaintly refers to the anger of the Scottish people so far, – he should run out and buy some ear-plugs because the response to these unacceptable cuts in Scotland by the Scottish people and their representatives (MP’s, MSP’s and councilors etc) will reach Westminster by the Autumn when parliament reconvenes.  Our organisation is currently planning to field candidates who will stand against Labour MP’s at the General Election.

Many areas in Scotland have extensive and deep ties to their regiments, navy and RAF units/bases, their loyalty to the Armed Forces is such that they will not sit back and allow Labour to proceed with this – if Labour do go ahead with these cuts I feel confident the Scottish public will deliver them a bloody nose at the polls come the General Election. 

Quite frankly Gen Mike Jackson statement and the tone of his remarks on Scottish recruitment is a slur to the brave Scottish soldiers on active service and those who are trying to join at the moment.  It does not even touch on centuries of proud service and acknowledge the thousands of servicemen who gave their lives in that service. 

General Mike Jackson's comments in our opinion is nothing short of a disgrace and we can only wonder why he is accepting these cuts so willingly? 

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